PSG and other 13 companies strengthened the supply chain of Rosatom group

Fourteen Czech companies signed memoranda of cooperation today with Rusatom Overseas, a daughter company of Rosatom. They have extended the group of 25 Czech and Slovak companies, which already signed the same memoranda last autumn and this March. The memoranda define the basic conditions of long-term cooperation between the Czech signatories and the Rosatom Group in the manufacture, assembly and construction of nuclear power plants with VVER reactors in the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation and most importantly on the global market. A great opportunity will be the option to supply technologies and services for the completion of TemelínNPP if Consortium MIR.1200 wins the tender.

“Currently Rosatom is building 28 reactors worldwide, which is a figure that none of the competitors can offer. Therefore, in the next twenty years we plan to purchase equipment and services for the constructed nuclear facilities worth more than 300 billion dollars. It is for this purpose that we are constantly expanding our suppliers chain and are logically approaching Czech companies, which have long-term experience working with VVER technology”, is how Rusatom Overseas Executive Vice- President Leoš Tomíček described the importance of the memoranda.

One of the signatories of the memoranda is also the General Director of PSG - International Tomáš Krones who said: “Cooperation with the corporation Rosatom means a huge potential for the economic development of our company in the area of construction of power plant structures. Like the other signatories of the memoranda, we regard cooperation with the Russian partners as a guarantee of quality and bilaterally beneficial work, which will lead to the further development of the local industry.”

In the last four years Rosatom, and its subsidiaries respectively, has noted deliveries from the Czech Republic worth approximately 2,7 billion crowns. “We are cooperating with Czech colleagues in the long-term and count on them for our future projects. For example, the two units for India’s Kudankulam nuclear power plant we had nine Czech companies delivering fixtures, pumps, cables and other equipment worth almost 60 million dollars,” adds Tomíček.

Czech companies that signed the Memoranda of Understanding with Rusatom Overseas: Armatury Group a.s.; AURA, a.s.; BAEST Machines & Structures, a.s.; DEL a.s., H Project, s.r.o.; INELSEV s.r.o.; KLIMA, a.s.; KPS Metal a.s.; LAPP KABEL s.r.o.; LIBEŇSKO-VYSOČANSKÁ OBCHODNÍ SPOLEČNOST, s.r.o.; MBNS – International, spol. s r.o.; MICo, spol. s r.o.; PSG – International a.s.; V-KUTY spol. s r.o.

List of MoUs Signatorie – 20th June 2012

  1. Armatury Group a.s.
  2. AURA, a.s.
  3. BAEST Machines & Structures, a.s.
  4. DEL a.s.
  5. H Project, s.r.o.
  6. INELSEV s.r.o.
  7. KLIMA, a.s.
  8. KPS Metal a.s.
  9. LAPP KABEL s.r.o.
  11. MBNS – International, spol. s r.o.
  12. MICo, spol. s r.o.
  13. PSG – International a.s.
  14. V-KUTY spol. s r.o.

List of MoUs Signatories – 20th March 2012:

  2. I & C Energo a.s.
  4. MSA, a.s.
  5. Sandvik Chomutov Precision Tubes spol. s r.o.
  6. SES Tlmače a.s.
  7. TES s.r.o.
  8. VÚJE Česká republika, s.r.o.
  9. VWS MEMSEP s.r.o.
  10. ZPA Pečky, a.s.

List of MoUs Signatories – 25th October 2011:

  1. ARAKO spol. s r.o.
  2. ČKD GROUP, a.s.
  3. ENVINET a.s.
  4. EXMONT Energo a.s.
  5. Hochtief CZ a.s.
  6. CHEMCOMEX Praha, a.s.
  7. Chladící věže Praha, a.s.
  9. MODŘANY Power, a.s.
  10. MPOWER Engineering, a.s.
  11. SIGMA GROUP a.s.
  12. ŠKODA JS a.s.
  13. VÍTKOVICE, a.s.
  14. ZAT, a.s.
  15. ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s.

Consortium MIR.1200 is one of three bidders in the tender for completion of Temelín NPP 3, 4. Consortium is led by the ŠKODA JS company, which has invited Atomstroyexport and OKB Gidropress to a cooperation. Both companies are subsidiaries of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. Consortium MIR.1200 offers an evolutionary project of the nuclear power plant VVER-1200, which profits from experience of more than 1290 reactor-years of VVER nuclear power plants operation. It stems from well-proven solutions with enhanced safety measures and is a unique combination of the most modern active and passive control systems, which makes it one of the best representatives of the 3+ generation.

ŠKODA JS a.s., as part of OMZ Group, was at the birth of Czech and Slovak nuclear power industry, is one of the leading engineering and production companies with worldwide experience in construction and service of nuclear power plants. Company Škoda was established in 1859 and the origins of its activities in nuclear power industry fall in 1956. Throughout the period of its existence, the company has supplied engineering, equipment and service for nuclear power plants, research reactors and spent fuel storage facilities in Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, France, Germany, USA and the Far East. ŠKODA JS has produced and supplied 21 complete PWR nuclear reactors of the VVER 440 type and three reactors of the VVER 1000 type.

Rusatom Overseas, a subsidiary of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, was founded in 2011 with the aim to promote Russian nuclear technologies on a global market. Rusatom Overseas acts as Rosatom’s integrator of the comprehensive solution in nuclear power, manages the promotion of the integrated offer and development of the Russian nuclear business abroad as well as develops a network of Rosatom’s marketing offices across the world. Rusatom Overseas also acts as a developer of foreign projects of Rosatom which are implemented using the build–own–operate (BOO) approach. The president of Rusatom Overseas is Alexey Kalinin and the executive vice-president is Leoš Tomíček.


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