Reconstruction of a wastewater treatment plant in Slavičín-Hrádek

country / location Czech Republic / Slavičín-Hrádek
client Vodovody a kanalizace Zlín, a. s.
construction period 03/2009 - 11/2009
role of PSG General Contractor

Brief description of the project

General reconstruction of a wastewater treatment plant for the municipality of Slavičín, Hrádek, Divnice and Nevšová, enhancement of its capacity to 10 000 equivalent residents complying with emission standards according to the Amendment No. 229/2007 NV to an Act No. 61/2003 Collection of Law for a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity 2-10 thousand of equivalent residents. The reconstruction will also include installment of a new vortex separator for wastewater precleaning and rainwater separation.

Further to this, the reconstruction also involves two existing activation units with ALPHA purification system and division into nitrifying and denitrifying zones.

This reconstruction is carried out during continuous operation of the wastewater treatment plant.


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