Quality Management System (QMS) (ČSN EN ISO 9001)

The top management of PSG made the commitment to develop, implement and maintain an effective and efficient quality management system which would bring satisfaction to all interested parties. In order to maintain an efficient quality management system and ensure its continual improvement, the top management identified the following principles:

  • Implementation of the quality management system in the work of all employees of PSG and strict respect for customer requirements, compliance with the law, regulations, Czech and other standards, etc. will contribute to the long-term success and prosperity of PSG;
  • Quality policy is to be regarded as one of the fundamental standards of PSG;
  • Continual fulfilment of the objectives of the quality policy is the aim of PSG;
  • Regular review of the quality management system leads to continual improvement of its efficiency; and
  • It is necessary to make available all resources necessary for achievement of the quality objectives.

PSG was certified by the Czech Institute for Certification ČIA and the Certificate is valid internationally.

Quality Policy

The top management of PSG declared the quality policy to be part of the general strategy of PSG. Quality policy of PSG is based on the following principles:

  • Only processes which meet the quality objectives result in a product which conforms to customer requirements, and only such products may ensure the competitiveness of PSG on the market and its prosperity.
  • Quality is the bottom line of PSG prosperity and calls for the commitment of every single employee.
  • Quality objectives must be achieved also in the area of human relationships, inside PSG and between PSG and business partners.
  • Customer satisfaction is the keystone of the prosperity of PSG.
  • Customer is the main and essential evaluator of the good work of PSG.
  • Continual review and evaluation of PSG’s strategy, quality policy and objective achievements lead to a continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system and also of the economical status of PSG.
  • Quality policy must at all times reflect the actual state of PSG and the market environment and must ensure the continuity and suitability in the respective time period.

Quality policy as a long-term strategy of PSG is complemented by continual objectives.

Customer Focus

From the first contact with the customer the managing staff continually and systematically reviews the customer requirements and projects them into the technical solutions of the project. The satisfaction of our customers is the bottom line of our work.

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