Staff education

This Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Staff Education Dept. of PSG, a. s.

The Project responds to the need of PSG, a. s. to continuously educate its employees and thus contribute to the company development and increase of competitiveness on the market.

The proposed outline of the Project is in close relationship with the company Education Strategy and presents a comprehensive system of staff education. The Education Strategy, declared by the company management as a response to the analysis of the internal necessity to further educate the company staff, formed with its aims and objectives the basis for this Project.

The company vision is to provide ongoing education and training to all staff. The main objective of this Project is therefore to continuously educate all groups and levels of employees, from the top management to the individual trade specialists.

Structure of the Education Programme includes:

Education of management

Top management – managerial, technical and language education
Middle management – basics of management, technical and language education
Lower management – basics of management and technical education

Education of technical and administrative staff – specialist and language education

Education of trade specialists and skilled workers – technical and specialist education.

Proposed Areas of Education

  • Technical
  • PC and ICT
  • Finance, accounting, economy
  • Languages
  • Management and administration

Contents of Education shall focus mainly on

  • information on and familiarization with modern technologies in the construction industry;
  • amplification of expert knowledge and working competence of individual work groups (from skilled workers to top management);
  • acquisition of basics and further development of skills in languages, ICT and economical expertise, necessary for qualified work in the respective area.

Forms and Methods of Education - mainly lectures, seminars and practical teaching, utilizing modern methods and forms of education of adults.


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